5 Reasons to Have Your Roof Inspected For Storm Damage after a Hail/Wind Storm

Most homeowners assume that their Jackson home’s roof is properly installed and is strong enough to withstand any storm. But, strong storms can cause a lot of damage to even the most robust roofs. Sometimes, the less obvious damages remain undetected for months and lead to bigger problems down the line. Hiring a trained and experienced professional, such as Roof Works, for a roof inspection after a storm is essential. They know where to find hidden damages that are not immediately apparent and fix them before the problem worsens. 

If you are tempted to do the roof inspection yourself after a storm to save a few bucks, it’s in your best interest to reconsider that thought. Here are some of the top reasons why a professional roof inspection after a storm is a must:

Complete Analysis of Your Shingles

Storms do more than blow away a few shingles off the roof. Professional Jackson roofing contractors will analyze the shingles that are worn out or have lost too many granules. They will also check if any of the tiles on the roof are bending or curling. The worn-out shingles or tiles are a sign that your roof is not as protective as you had hoped. 

Analysis of the Various Joints around the Roof

If you see the flashing materials or the caulk surfaces suffer damage, it is important to get the roof’s joints reviewed. The professional will check for problems with the joints as many of its parts often come out due to the storm. Their trained eye can discover hidden damages that you are not aware of. Even if you take the risk to climb the roof yourself and look for damage, you probably won’t identify these issues. As a result, you’ll let the problems live longer only to cause you more hassles and expenses in the near future.

Identify Growths without Harm

Moss, mold, or lichen on the roof is harmful if you get in direct contact. A professional will wear protective gear during your hail or storm damage roof inspection. A thorough inspection help identify the growths that are often missed from down the ground. It ensures you are not at risk of any physical harm.

Analyze the Vents around the House

The professional will not only inspect the roof but other components like the vents around the property. The professional will ensure that the vents are working properly and are letting out air correctly. When the vents are damaged, they will greatly impact your roof’s quality and negatively impact the internal environment.

Safe Approach to Hail Damage Roof Inspection

Trying to check the roof yourself for hail damage can be dangerous, especially after a storm when the roof is slippery. You might even make the damage worse, leading to costly repairs. The professional will come equipped with the protective gear, footwear, a ladder, and other professional and inspection equipment. The experts will ensure the inspection process is done carefully and safely without any damage to the property.

Contact Roof Works – Jackson’s Premier Storm Damage Roofing Company

Professional, reputed, and experienced roofers offer free roof inspection after any hail or wind storm. They will perform the inspection without any add-on services, and you are not in any way obligated to purchase any of their products or services. If your roof has sustained a lot of damage, you can contact your insurance company and fill out the paperwork using the report provided to you by your storm damage roofing company. It helps in getting the just compensation for roof repair or roof replacement, whenever needed.

In most cases, when the storm damage to the roof is extensive and expensive, the report provided by your local roofing company would help get you fair compensation for roof replacement. So, if your roof has recently sustained a storm and you feel something is off about the roof, contact a professional roofing company today. 

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